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The Germ (Victims Family)

I've got a germ inside of my soul and a Nazi inside of my head and There's nothing you can do. I've got a brain that's ready to snap and I'll turn around and stab your you know that it's true. Because every Time you look the other way I'm stealing all your feelings away, so What you gonna do? And every time I come out to play I'm taking all Your toys away, so what you gonna do. I am void; empty, except For the germ I'll never learn so fuck you. You know I'm a contagious freak, spread disease whenever I speak. Yes, I'm thinking that your pretty naive because everything I say you Believe and I'm lying through my teeth. Yes, you'll wind up playing The fool and I'll be thinking that I'm Mr. Cool so what you gonna do. I feel nothing but want everything polluted and sick like me. I've got The germ, I've got the germ, I've got the germ, wipe out the germ.