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World War Ix (Victims Family)

It's more than roses are red and violets are blue, it's the end of the World in a turn of the screw. The furnace is hotter or maybe it's blotter, Hypnotic, narcotic I swim underwater. Breathin' and pulsin' I look so Repulsive a dog paddin', thrashin', obsessive compulsive. Rippin' out Hairs eatin' rodents fer meat and these scales keep growin' on my Hands and my feet. Whirlin' and twirlin' and swirlin' in soup being stirred by a spoon, I'm A dupe in the goop, and I float like a turd on the wings of a bird, it's WORLD WAR IX in 3/4 time, it's WORLD WAR X again and again and It's WORLD WAR XI and I'm going to heaven... WORLD WAR XII every man for himself, it's WORLD WAR XIII in the World war machine, it's WORLD WAR XX change the channels now Honey this just isn't funny anymore. But it's on every station in the Nation today, it's a shish-kabob shishka terra-firma flambe...