Ten O'clock In Toronto (Christine Lavin)

It's Ten O'Clock in Toronto I check into a room on the 21st floor I'm travelling on cruise control Turn on the TV and lock the door I hear a news reporter She says "we are looking to the sky Tonight we're in the midst of a lunar eclipse Hmmmm what a heavenly sight" I pull back the curtains, and there Above the building across the street I spy the man in the moon playing hide and seek I try to keep my eyes fixed on that elusive moon But I'm distracted across the way I can see into some rooms There's a young woman sitting at a desk So busy writing Now a man sits next to her Looks like they're fighting She buries her head in her hands And silently she cries He gets up, paces, pounds the wall Shakes his fist up to the sky To the moon, Alice Two rooms down I can see Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly No it's just a Hitchcock film A wide screen color TV Over in the corner There's an old man playing with a black cat If he saw me spying like this What whould he think of that Would he think that I'm a voyeur Or just another lonely one An interloper taking notes of heartache on the run Now the moon is bathed in shadows That woman is bathed in tears Grace Kelly bathed in the limelight For so many years I'm bathed in the darkness Behind this window pane Watching light and love and life Wax and wane Now the old man and the black cat Are dozing in an easy chair Are visions dancing in their heads Of moonbeams in the air It's Ten O'Clock in Toronto Ten O'Clock in Toronto Ten O'Clock in Toronto -