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Yonder Blue (Christine Lavin)

I see on the news, it's raining in London Forty-six degrees I hope you packed your raincoat darlin' A scarf to protect you from the, chilly bre-ee-ee-eze I'm lookin' at the balmy Pacific A kickline of palm trees Oh you're in London, it's raining, forty-six degrees. I read in the paper, it's foggy in Paris The forecast is scattered showers I picture you standing in a light drizzle At the base of the Eiffel Tower I am due to arrive in Vancouver in about A couple of hours Oh you're in Paris it's foggy expecting scattered showers. Half a world away are we I worry about you constantly Are you dry? Are you warm? Are you safe from the storm? Are you taking your vitamins reg-you-lar-ly? I tried all I've got to be with you That's something, you have not asked me to do So I travel around, I've barely touched down When you... call from Yonder Blue. They Pilot says it's, warm and sunny in New York Skies are crystal clear I'm descending from the West You're descending from the East Please let this be our year I can't wait, to see your face Hold your sweet body near Oh it's warm and it's sunny in New York City Skies are crystal Clea-ea-are The future looks rosy Let's get cozy Hey Stranger over here.