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The Neverending (Dark Suns)

The woods decay and fall The vapours weep their burdon to the ground Man comes and tills the fields and lies beneath And after many a summer dies the swan When the days of all golden dreams had perished Even despair was powerless to destroy Then did I learn how existence could be cherished And fed without the aid of joy Then did I check the tears of useless passion Weaned my young soul from yearning after yours Sternly denied its burning wish to hasten Down to that tomb already more than mine My dreams My life Away Now I'm here The abyss near Neverending And even yet I dare not let it languish Dare not indulge in memory's repturous pain Once drinking deep of that divinest anguish How could I seek the empty world again? Fall asleep and die in harmony Under the bright shadow of Dark Suns tragedy...