Rab's Last Wollen Testament (Williamson Robin)

by Robin Williamson When I was a little boy I used to take the time To go and see old Rab McPhee Down by the railway line He was getting on in years then you know And very fond of a drop of mountain whisky, and didn't he tell me so He was always full of a good story, and he'd a nose like a weatherhane He was never exactly drunk, but then he was never exactly sober anyway And I often remember these words he used to say Water is the strong stuff It carries whales and ships But water is the wrong stuff Don't let it get past your lips It rots your books It wets your suits Puts aches in all your bones Dilute the stuff with whiskey Aye, or leave it well alone Chorus: Whisky pure O whisky you're a charmer Drunk or sober Spare yourself contortions With a drop of barley wine A sensible precaution To counteract the times Brandy and rum are dandy for some Wherever they might be sold But a drop of mountain whisky Isn't ot worth its weight in gold Whisky, Nancy whisky You're as sweet as the dew I'm lonesome my darling Since parting with you Kiss me when you're with me Be easy and free and I'll throw away the bottle and take you with me