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Dear You (D-Side)

Dear darling Just writing to say Been together so long now That I can't do this face to face Thoughts of you Are weighing on my mind I know it's going to hurt you so bad But now I gotta say goodbye I gotta feeling deep inside of me And it's tearing me apart From the heart [Chorus:] Tell me, how I am supposed to say these words to you How am I to tell you what we've got is through Been my best friend for so long Can't believe that I'm doing you wrong How am I suppose to go on each day Seeing you and not knowing what to say Could have been such and easy thing to do But the problem is, I still love you I've been trying so hard Just wanna make it okay But I'm not strong enough to tell you Baby how my feelings have changed This can't be right coz it feels so wrong The hardest part of loving you girl Is knowing that I've got to let go I gotta feelin deep inside of me And it's tearing me apart From the heart [Chorus:] Maybe one day I'll find that star That leads me to where you are Cause baby I'm losing you Yeah yeah Come to a bridge that we can't cross Sailing an ocean far too far So from the heart [Chorus] [Repeat chorus]