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Let Loose (Pac Div)

Let loose Put everything on a shelf Let loose I got my Hennessey and I see you got your grey goose and if they're hating we don't care what they do Cause you're sexy and you're rocking You're sexy and I am watching You're sexy girl you're rocking You're sexy and I am watching Baby take a day off Get yourself a backrub Say bye to your manager Say hi to your bathtub Working all these long days You forgot to ask of Couple ton of pay you can't even get your task of Day time shit got you working to the bone Just to find yourself doing more work when you're home Love just relax leave that work alone turn on the stereo Work it to the song I do my thing like ding dong ditch Please don't trip I know you ain't my girl But we don't snitch You know what happens next after 3 more zips that remmy turns you up... Slow down We can kick it on your off day But we will never come back what will your boss say It's off the roof and shake them pictures out the hall way rolling up swisha's got you smoking like em all day Where are my girls at Where are my dimes at You bad enough to keep a working man side tracked You had a hard week And you wanna hit the club and party some hard beats And I ain't made at you shout out to anklets and neck tattoos Pretty feet hair smelling like pedale shampoo saving up so you can party in cancoon and send a bunch of necked pictures from the bathroom That's alright you know I love that shit you take the whole week off and you have fun with it, spontaneous, outrageous, a purse full of credit cards with the payments up