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Sneakerboxes (Pac Div)

Phone Number, email, all your information Jacks conversation just to get the confirmation Take her to the crib, Lay her down like a pateint Beat it up and send it back to you Big mibbs I’m the hot, hot fello Top gun bomberin and a 5 clock shadow Baby hop on, I’ma be your saddle Car got bumbed take a ride on a camel Sneaker boxes, filled up in my closet Never sold dope, but I’m real good with this rhymin (rhymin) Got me own label, don’t ask me who I’m see with I’m independent nigga, ask me who I’m signing? It gettin racks out in sunny L.A. Flippin racks like my nigga servin yay Put it in the pot, stir it up Make it shape, bag it up, Put it on the streets, Nigga lets get paid (eh) Sneakerboxes filled up to the top When notes of just being broke just wasn’t an option. I get paid, homie I get paid Fuck what ya’ll talkin bout, Fuck is ya’ll talkin bout? Night time the bemmer filled like a spaceship First thing your bitch needs is a face lift Homie copped him a triple beem watching weightlift Might have cost him a couple beans But it's caselift 5 in the morning off the yack That's how playas move By the time I'm dusting off my drink I can make the news Corny niggas out here in the way Man I aint enthuised Thirsty for the shine, got me trying I told you to the game I’m glued I’m posted with my tenfoe That choke up in your chest No you aint smokin on pretendo Bump in Div though We bout the glory Sneaker minds are salvatory Fresh before the rap shit Don’t you dare go get no stylist for me Now look, Me I’m probably in the woods Stuck in a boot, now lemme out Name a nigger like me Whoopiin hoes with the semi out These niggas take the panty route Broke, I can't affiliate, You broke you try go main stream I’m lil Wayne, a milli My step right, my wrist froze Hit your bitch like ten-four Compendre? I’m like sensei With my eyes low and my tint shades Word around she been gay, she icey I She Kim Kar, can't wait for those, she Kim Kar Get it? watch me bowl gaurd I'm swim through it, tear oh Go deep on a bitch in my ten toes Got 12 bars and 1002s on me That’s a dope flow I tell her owe me, that's don't trick though Before I knock it down, it's simple She go extra low, (no limbo) That bimbo start sneaky freaky in my limo (no doubt) No words either, that flow old, that hoe old You fuckin right, I get so cold I take this gold and his lil dough, no mercy They notice, I’m in the ghini with you lotus And she on it, straight up I took your miss and I got paid homie.