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SuperNegroes (Pac Div)

Girl, I'm a super Negro You dudes are zero Baby, let me be your super hero I spit that dope, that blow, that preemo, that coke, that smack, that al pacino Fly like nino, tough like deebo We back like teevo, and fat like cee-lo I drink cognac, I drink veeno Should I drink all that You should drink though Grab a red cup, fill that shit up And drink till u can no longer hold your head up I'm a act a fool I don't know no better But I never get a stain on this polo sweather So incredible, unforgettable She be on my nuts like they all so edible She be on my nuts like it's some kind of candle tho She be on my nuts like shes lookin for antidote She be on my nuts cus she don't want her man to know That she was on my nuts so tough that her camera broke Feelin like a young earl manacho What u smoking on now Oh that's medical Oh what they smoking on that, all that araginal Bullshit, weed that's some shit we don't ever smoke Mike, tell the dj to play my records tho Ladies on the dancefloor Go go, gadget go! Stacy and Brittany, go Erica and Whitney like Tiffany, go Sasha and Tasha all proper She like vodka, we like cognac Poured her a cup and she had thrown that We like vodka, she like old rap Used it for the same, but we don't own that I can't lie, meet the bow neck That your ass girl I need to hold that Take my time then I'm a own that Have u seen them like a keyshia cold shrack I want safe sex, u want paychecks I just say next, I ain't for that This that train wreck u can't roll that Cali young lee u can't grow that See u staring baby take a quote that Get my good side, where my pose at Wash you down where my hoes at Early morning like where my clothes at Why u hurryingly, take a slow job Why you worryingly take some projack Checked just clear where my olds at Call my homies where my bros at We gon dip out, we gon flip out Dog, u rollin don't bring your chick out Girl u rollin don't bring your dude out Fat frend comin don't bring no food out Stacy and Brittany, go Erica and Whitney like Tiffany, go Sasha and Tasha all proper Put my lights on you niggas Dump a couple ashes Jumped to a benz Skipped a couple classes Rap shit is cool but I've been tochin asses Now we have to food had enough for the fastin Fuck them caskets, clutch their cash yeah Baby be young only fucks with magnums Oh it's showtime like I fucks with magic Birthday suit, yeah I love that fabric Something tragic, man what's something my niggas know Had a bad red bone with the pitten toes On a Tuesday mike fucked the bigger role Got me stuck like mogli in the middle tho All my niggas going and boys in the mirror baby Tryin to fact the sort of playing shit they're hearing baby Blocking everytime I pass in the firenze lady You know we do it little crazy