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The Mirror (Pac Div)

Looking in the mirror everyday I get older Learn from the past everyday I get stronger I like to get high, but it's great to be sober Yesterday was hard, but it made me a soldier You don't get nothing if you don't work hard You can't earn stripes if you never had scars There's way more to life then money and nice cars You are who you are, you might be a bum You could be a star, you might be a prisoner fighting behind bars You trying to find peace, I'm a try to find God You searching for your destiny we trying to find ours The blood in my hearts pumping for the the right cause And I get that same feeling when I hear that old Nas You said the world was ours just gotta play your part Shoot for the stars like you trying to hit Mars Shine in the dark and I bet you'll never lose Glanced in the mirror and I'd seen I had to the twos Awake to my ways still I'd rather hit snooze Can't fuck with the news let the channels flip through Put us in a cage with the habitat dude Try to break us down like we handicap fool Fish out of water like we vandicamp dude Nobody supposed to eat if the family can't move And the family can't lose, as long as we got each other As long as we are loyal, as long as we are brothers I called my pops the other day to tell him that I love him For giving me the opportunity to make it out the gutter A lot of us was fortunate to even have a mother A lot of us got intuition that we ain't discovered A lot of us got fears that we need to overcome We done seen too many tears fall underneath the sun Don't wanna see no blood shed over the years to come So we praying up to heaven hoping that he is the one When times getting nearer, the skys getting clearer You searching for the truth that God's in the mirror Deep down inside pass the lies that you hearing Open up your heart to the light and the spirit Despite the appearance have courage and pride It's survival of the fittest only for the wise and the fearless Loves the emotion, vibe to the lyrics Years down the line I'll probably cry when I hear this Embrace who I am, never try to be different Mama seen the king and my eyes is the infant Started off small, little guy on the benches Fighting so long I felt like I was in the trenches Destined for greatness, divine intervention Discover who you are the fine leap of mention The mirror The mirror