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Top Down (Pac Div)

Shout out to my thick girls, thick girls You tha shit girl, shit girl With them hips girl, hips girl Got a mixed girl with curls Got me a rich girl with pearls Neither one is cooking better than my big girl, big girl Come get this dick girl, dick girl Better come quick girl, quick girl I like girls who come with girls and I like girls who fuck with girls It's too easy, I'm too steezy Drinking Fiji, watching TV I been nice since BeBe CeCe Winans Girls pee pee when we be rhyming You see me I'm rocking diamonds Grit my teeth, yea I be grinding P-A-C see we be shining 2-seater bitch, we reclining Top down, armor all'd up Got that brown up in my cup Got that bomb fired up Drop that Breitling for the Hublot Boy I got nothing but time And I tell her mom to keep her cat Till I show my dick what's on her mind Lemme get that head! Lemme get that head! Girl I need that head Screaming Inglewood forever I sip that purple and bleed that red Niggas know wassup, these girls wanna fuck with me I'm on that same shit Crooked or call me Mr. Never-Seen-With-The-Same-Bitch Swear I had on Polo out in Soho smoking skunk And I had 4 hoes in that 4-door with my.44 in the trunk Underground niggas, independent getting checks tho Boy I spit that sick shit, flow like I got strep throat Duke and Pac Divvy, we get busy, get the bidness Baby girl you in the presence of the king: bear witness Top down, yeah I'm the man I'm from LA, I got that juice and I got a plan Girls just hop in I drop the roof We can get a tan So when you see me, I'll be speeding like a Demon With my head out the window screaming: Top Down! I got a hundred dollars on me Finna head straight to the store Smoking on that headband, it goes straight to your skull Lincoln Continental flow, player player These niggas finna hate, and that list is gonna be long Just been in my chromosome [?], Home Alone Corvette's your rolling stone Zip boy fresh they know they wrong And I got guess in my cologne She be guessing wrong When niggas cut you short, make sure your checks is long It's that upper eschelon Rambo with ammo. Fat boy shit Had them niggas rocking camo Cold-blooded mammal but the bitches keep me warm They only doing shit that they seen in a song I don't got nothing to prove Been stack bucks since I left school These hoes say I think I'm to cool But I guess some girls get fooled Cause this young nigga that do Riding around with my crew Wanna way to pay for more dudes That's my day to day, My swag sayin' I'm best The streets sayin' I'm next Excuse me if I flex I just do my thing in my own zone Always wait for the right time My main chick got a real nigga She know I got guidelines Homeboy I'm on tour In a hotel, tryin' to make more Do 60 shows, nigga that's the goal If you can't tell we livin' well You should put your hand up for me Pants 340 You should do it too girl, ya man suck don't he [?], throw the alley oop Might throw it back Then I probably