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Truth (Pac Div)

Ayo, Swiff, this the type of jam I like Real talk, you a jedi knight, and with this lead I write Random thoughts on this red eye flight Fantasize waking up to some head I like Such a lovely face As we campaign over champagne, might I say such a bubbly taste Thumbing back to memories, if I could just erase Hey girl, don't be so thirsty love, pump your brakes We ain't stopping no time soon, it's bucks to make If you bet against up, we just up the stakes When a real nigga show just cuff your date She keep looking in my eyes like there's love to make She keep digging in your wallet for some bucks to rake She keep looking for a ride cause the bus run late I mean the proof is up front, there ain't much debate We the livest three niggas in the fucking state I mean - it ain't much to say We the pioneers spitting, not pioneer chicken If I got it then my niggas do - that's the ritual Taking money fast, fuck the waiting on residuals Barkleys with the sweats, I can show you how my fit'll do Two dollar swisher, situation's getting critical I should've told ya, my yoga broads ?? with Boca For the verse, we get what niggas get to cook the coke up Oh the nerve of pretty bitches when they on the gold hunt I remains I'm Shuttlesworth when I put the stroke up We go strangle 'fore we Bojangle It's Pac Div, no lie baby, no tangles If you ain't hip to the game, play a ho's angle Learn not to fuck with niggas rocking old Kangols This that white tee music, killer, no label Swiff soul food like he set the whole table Through the years, I've seen ?? business, groupie bitches Crowds looking at us like "who's these niggas?" Real life, it's not a movie nigga She bad but her pussy's like blue cheese nigga God forgive me as I kill these niggas God be with me like "yo kill these niggas!" City slickers like Billy Crystal With THC crystals and Billie Jean bitches Mr. Green with this, listerine and shit He talk money then I can probably read his lips He talk funny well then he might can beat the shit My whole team jump in, he got creamed and shit Probably need this shit, retweet this shit Then repeat this shit cause y'all reek of shit Truth