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Useless (Pac Div)

Niggas is farting... Here's... use the spray nigga I'm a tall ass nigga, 6'1 160 Fresh out the pack like somebody just un-zipped me I'm with the crew so you know I got that skunk with me I'm Ashin Kusher but you know there ain't no punk in me Shout out to Twitter, I follow a bunch of dumb beezies Figured if I want to get her it'd be dumb easy Send her a direct message, "Hey baby come see me" I like my eggs scrambled, I like my girls easy For now, till then I'm a let that money pile Can't wait for you to say that I've been acting funny style Cause I'm a late bloomer, still growin' like a tumor You know a nigga made it when your hearing gay rumors Fuck the cop, the deputy and the state trooper I'm in the game for longevity, not a chain stupid Type of nigga that be ridin' in the rain roofless Told ya'll man that he's a lame, and your the same useless If I don't like it then that shit is useless Talk is cheap man that shit is useless You chasing hoes man that shit is useless You trying to wife her man her pussy useless Damn, man that shit is useless A couple gram but that shit is useless Ain't talkin' cash man that shit is useless Say you the man but that shit is useless Do it how it supposed to be Now these girls notice me Now I'm baggin chicks, I use to bag groceries Use to rap locally, now we travel globally All around the world off some shit I just wrote in 3 minutes All truth no pre-tending And since she's shallow, I'm a go deep in it These rap dudes is funny boy, I'm peep in it Look, I fathered your style, you are my dependent Flow sick, need a free clinic Beast in it, please quit it Murdered this shit before the beat finished Hang yourself, get the nuisance Cause even explaining myself is useless She got your nose wide open Sneeze and it feels like the doors wide open Seen her on Povich, showin' off ass She got the beamer towed and that was just last week She got them fast feet, you trying to get with her She got you going out, you always get dinner Say she from above, I say the bitch Hitler She got the Laker game, but fuck with all the Clippers And I bet she drink all the liquor Everytime we go out, the bitch fallin' quicker Pain in the ass, shit that we call a splinter Don't get mad when you see me and I call her useless You the rotten keg tapper No name havin' lookin' raggot lame rapper You nut hugger, butt buddy, fudge packer (Okay enough of that) My real friends call me Asher, What kind of name is that, bro dude? It's so stupid I bet your in a frat or two What are you Jewish? Are you good in math, play flute, row crew? Shit, if you can't be used well then I guess your useless Ulysses S. Grant, we should start a Revolution Or a Civil War, whatever your into kids Down for whatever let's just go ahead and do it Do it out loud, talk dog fuckin' prove it Shoot horse the hoot, give the boot like it was soccer Now they ask what happen to you, silk the shocker Yeah it's true, I went and moved to Philly, Kevin Stocker New kid on the block, they say I'm off my John Rocker Hey and nowadays I'm the young grasshopper Cool Calm Collect having fun with Cindy Lauper Never Dennis Hopper with Keanu Reeves More like Bill and Ted since I started smoking weed Now all we do is time travel in phone booths Go to '82, head it back to the old school When there was no rules, bullshit heroics (WHERE DID EVERYBODY GO?) Guess that we're The Last Poets Is there no hope, that this generation blow it? All about the dough, the glow and the moet At least some more Bone Thugs or some fuckin' Big Pun Give it up, where all of these kids are plain dumb That shit is useless