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Waves At The Prom (Pac Div)

Waves at the prom, dame on my arm Hundred dollar suit, I got the game in my palm Wa-Waves at the prom, dame on my arm Hundred dollar suit, I got the game in my palm Uh, senior prom, when my mom and pops fell in love Daddy had the all-white suit with the leather gloves Momma had her hair done, like an angel from above Grandmomma whispering, "I don't want you hanging with no thugs I like your date cause he flyer than a 12-piece Orchestra with trombones and violins Pick my baby up in a Caddy with the white-wall tires And the waves in his hair made us drown at the sight of him Whoosh, like Leviathan, sporting wave grease Had the girls on him like fresh meat in a lion's den He taking flicks, looking as hot as a liquid nitrogen And if he don't wanna king, than I guess you'll have to fight with him Mmm, excitement, nobody looks as nice as him Told him "Drive safe, cause I heard that you just got your license, man." I know he real, and you gon' have a great time You'll be fine, cause your date got waves at the prom." Since it's Saturday evening, brought the homeboy's Porsche God, I hope I get that ass, since I bought Keisha this corsage Open up the door, wide, push it to the floor, drive Dax hair grease, brush my teeth with the fluoride Tux with the.45, Jordans when he came back Brushing since March, I didn't have to wear a wave cap Baby can you fade that? Ain't no chaperons coming My mama don't, I been on it since the homecoming Tonight's the night, we gon' turn you to a grown woman Haircut, airbrush, watch me as I pose for 'em I got my tux on, I got my Chucks on I got my deep wave spinning, I get my brush on Diamonds in my cuff showing, tryna get my puff on Belve in my foam cup, spike it with the Patron I'm cool, I'm Aquafresh, and I confess, I've been fresh Since junior high when I used to get my Dockers pressed, rock and guess Never wore Footlocker sweats, I see you dog, I'm not impressed Follow in my footsteps, I'll be glad to show you proper steps She know I be about mine, homies like, "About time" Reigning from the west, but she be banging like the south side She be hanging with her mouth wide open When I roll up in that Rover with them alpines blowing Yeah, posing with them bitches triple-label Polo pieces, not what he got Call it horsepower when you're Ralphy to the tube socks Used to have a girl who we had up in that Duke Box Now I got your girl jamming to me on a jukebox Wassup, Wassup, Wassup, Wassup