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Women Problems (Pac Div)

My Homie said that he was going through it, going through it My Pops said that he was going through it, uh My uncle said that he was going through it, going through it Even my little cousin going through it And na na na, now I'm talking bout my Women Problems Cause I got me some Women Problems I need help with my Women Problems Cause I got me some Women Problems Uh uh, Damn baby, you the one who's actin crazy Catch me dancing with some lady now you talking bout you hat me In the party drunk and Shwayzy trying to punch me over Stacy So loud the crowd hear you cursing over Jay-Z Now this is for instance the shit that I was talking bout Big Mibbs can't go to shindigs without you walking out Mad at the world, at them girls that be eyeing me Trying to see if I'm a be the type to Creep Find a Freak, buy em drinks, Lie and Cheat Damn why you Spying me, Last week I caught you at the mall Playing Hide and Seek After all of this might as well call it quits Cause I never called you bitch, never ever balled my fist Never ever tried to hit you And it's a understatement if I said you got some issues Quite crying here's a tissue You swear like I'm against you, but you the one I'm into You keep this up and I'm a blow the whistle Girl you mental, uh My girl problems go way before Junior High Nicky used to diss me, with some prissy little cutie pie Daniel rejected my fan mail, Remember writing letters to Quinetta She would shred em when she get em, you know The folded letters with the question in the circle box I was cryin when Shania stole my Ninja Turtle Watch The Purple Watch it was Donatello Elice was cute but the teeth behind her braces was kinda yellow And I can tell that Shanell liked me The only problem with her ass is she smelled like pee Casey and Lacy the twin sisters they was tap dancers But they was stingy, wouldn't let me play Math Blaster Morgan? Well she let me play Oregon Trail But her breath had a foreign smell Only talk to Courteney when I'm bored as hell And then Porches tail, was lying ass cheating ass whore for real Behind the bungalows, tongueing up different dudes Skipping school, kissing who? Damn you at this nigga fool And to this day ain't shit improved My bad luck with the women got me stuck in dilemmas and We was going on 3 years this summer Deep in still love her Never ever did I see this here coming Queasy in the stomach, knee deep, started buggin Seen this would lead me into something This the start, homecoming 06' Got word that she had a friend she was close with Spending dough with, heard he was quarterback for Howard Paranoid I call he back for hours The phone calls slowing up, Holidays no showing up Her momma say she goin nuts, so I already know what's up Last I heard she was in the campus, letting niggas tap her When she swore she was going just to get her masters First plane heading to the campus, Crashed in the classes And I'm askin, Where's room one eight two Bustin through the door, seen jeans to the ankle Daaamn uh