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Blinded By Power (Misery Inc.)

Money! What a lovely word, I could spend my whole life bowing that thing, sixsixsix! Rich, rich, rich, evil in my veins! Hollowed by the profits. I could spend my whole life bowing that thing, me, me, me, victory! R-A-G-E, 4 letters growing inside of me. H-A-T-E, 4 letters growing deep inside of me. How'd you like your ego served? So many ways you've never heard! Blinded by power! You wipe my ass, but the shit is mine! Give me all you got, every dime. Blinded by power! Touch it, feel it. Can you feel how everything seems so meaningless? I'm through, I'm finished. Suck me dry, eat me alive. Gimme all you got. Feed me, heal me. I'll take all the fame and glory!