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Gentle Sheep (The Ditty Bops)

Clock in you're at work but you're not working so hard Checking messages ten times a day ensuring you're not bored Talking on someone else's dime Put a quarter in the pay phone don't keep them waiting on the line Rushing through time just to find myself Asking someone in the future if they'd save me a space Cause the line's getting longer with every hour People forget why they're waiting The mood's turning sour I don't want to go to school tomorrow Stay up late watching TV Eat a midnight snack I'll pretend it's Friday Complacent as I'll ever be See those gentle sheep following a path to who knows where Chewing on the grass so plentiful the wool is growing thicker But the grass is made of plastic and there's plastic on the grass A mechanical lady with her garden hose waters the cement Where's my mystical pan who plays on his flute? Dancing entrancing those who choose to hear his tune There'll be a man who comes out of hiding He'll be the one who forces you to decide Why can't I just believe just believe? I can move my feet Pondering is a step beyond wondering Complacent as I'll ever be