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Moon Over The Freeway (The Ditty Bops)

Moon over the freeway catch us as we ride We just left the city, left it far behind Silhouettes of palm trees, airplanes cross the moon Living in the moment of the girl who left too soon It's warm, my favorite song comes on Let's roll the windows down and drive It feels like summer is a comin' round the corner Here she comes Brings us shells that listen to what we have to say Blows us summer kisses as she turns and walks away There she goes, there she goes Drive right on, the night is young We could drive on and on forever as the hours slip on by They slip like perfect fitting sweaters Over shoulders cold from shortened days and wintry nights Left me in September, I thought that she was gone Invited her to come again, so she could tag along Barefoot on the pavement Warm against our feet Houses filled with music As we drift through lonely streets