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Unfortunate Few (The Ditty Bops)

Oh you unfortunate few Nobody's listening to me It came at a time when I just started To say something interesting Bubbling thoughts I've been thinking a lot But I don't write them down with a smile More of a frown as I'm looking down No pen in my pocket no pockets to fill Far too long ago my chances were slim I'm knocking the door but they won't let me in Configuring why takes the whimsy from whim You're all blocking the door won't you please let me in Oh you unfortunate few Stuck in your special space I'm here on my own though I'm not alone It feels like a miserable place At first you remember but then you forget And once I'm forgotten you can't get me back I'm knocking the door but nobody hears I'm banging it down won't you answer it please And nobody's asking for more Nobody's looking for anything Nobody wants me to say a thing Nobody misses the missing Ascend or Descend Upon a plot with the same ending My timing's no good But it saves me from troubles ahead But you might not be figured with eyes Might not be figured with ears Might not be something to figure at all Until you are actually here I've gone back on my words which constantly change I believe what I mean at the time that I say them I'm climbing a wall of infinite height I couldn't go through, though I try as I might They're telling me fictional distractions Fictional stories I have heard enough of these Is anybody missing me?