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Wake Up (The Ditty Bops)

Wake up and smell the coffee, Rise and shine, The early bird gets the worm, Strike while the iron's hot, And whistle while you work Stay on the trail, Keep your hands and arms inside the train, Don't stray, Watch your step, And wipe your feet, Draw inside the lines What if you didn't know where the bad side of town was, Where would you wander to? So many places from which to choose Would you let yourself be? Don't cause a scene, Mind your manners, Speak only if spoken to, You know what you are not to do, Watch and learn What if you never were short for time? All meetings cancelled, clocks stopped at nine, Without alarms the silence beams, Invited to be What if you never heard a word they say, And up were down and night were day? I bet you'd have a lot more time to play If you'd let yourself go Breath deep, Speak out, Make up your mind, Be brave, Follow your dreams, Listen to you heart, Close your eyes, Make a wish.