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Waking Up In The City (The Ditty Bops)

Waking up in the city What are we gonna do Take a picture to the park Sing songs about the moon I will bring the frisbee I will bring the dog We'll frolic in the pesticided grass beneath the smog Don't gotta worry 'bout bee stings Don't gotta worry 'bout ants Now's the time to take off our shoes And dance that cartoon dance In the afternoon time We will stroll downtown Past messengers on bicycles And men dressed up in gowns If we should get tired, let's just take the bus I hope that it's not crowded so we can sit up front I can't even see them scrape the sky Blurring the fashions whizzing by Sun gets down in the evening Lights start flashing on The city swells with energy The nightlife has begun Kustle and bustle So many sites to see Endless excitement Keeps me up 'till three Don't wanna go to the movies Who wants to sit inside I didn't get on the guest list Don't want to wait in line Let's go eat pierogis at my favorite cafe The waitress are grumpy and Their English ain't so great We'll talk ourselves in circles Til the pancakes are all gone Today's become tomorrow I can see the pink of dawn Oh, I'm getting tired, I'm oh so tired I think it's time to retire Time for bed To rest my sleepy head