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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Lost (Flesh Field)

They're protected by their titles And safe behind their names. Look to the flames reaching out for you. Insanity's coming back for you. And I'm lost in the shadow's lack of peace The unrelentless, unbound streets of mind Forever shine. And I'm strangled by the flowers forever dying. Wrapped in lust, embraced by fear. I'm afraid to see, And I'm afraid to hear The unchained beauty of what's inside. It's a silent scream that you can never hide. It appears as a shadow pacing back and forth. The pain starts to envelope you, Fading into gray. And I'm dead within the walls of your mind. Insanity's never left behind. An atrocity committed by saints. A miracle enacted by terrorists. They sit in their circle of deceit, Forcing the children into slavery, Relishing their power, Laughing at the decay.