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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Recoil (Flesh Field)

I don’t think you understand. You’ve never seen this face before. I tried to tell you I’m not the man you took me for. A silhouette, a shell. No, what you knew was not me. A façade, a charade. Now can you see more clearly? Everything is gone. I can’t feel anymore. And now I can expose you for everything you are. I am perversion and decay. I am hatred and greed. I am everything I hid from you. Now tell me, do you like what you see? No truth in anything you tell me, In anything you show me, In anything you ever do. Deceit. You never cared about me. You never felt for anyone Unless they had something to offer you. Don’t let me inside you. You’re not prepared, And I can’t turn back before I infect you. I just want you to see. So beautiful on the outside, Yet so obscene on the other side. And now you recoil from me. Can you see me in the light? Do you know me, and were you right? I just thought you should know me.