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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Utopia (Flesh Field)

I question this reality, And I criticize its rules. Apathetic misery. This world is overrun by fools. Born from isolation; A pretty place, a utopia. Suicidal revelation; This life is no better than the last. I travel through hypocrisy And I find that I am lost. Take away my innocence, And nail me to the cross. Switch to the back of my holy war. I never thought I'd beg for more. Cut through these chains and set me free Or I will rot for eternity. I stand alone again, Burdened by your lies. I remember when I could look into your eyes. Sell my soul tonight. Take me to your dream. Who's to say you're right? You are not what you seem. Find a way to make me free again. Find a way to make me bleed again.