Beautiful Disease (McKagan Duff)

I think I'm gonna freak out, throw out my Sanity, blame it on my lack of education, forced sobriety Gonna whip it out my double barrel and play Russian roulette with one When I win, I'm gonna pull my skin off and give it to someone (chorus) Beautiful Disease Ugly is so beautiful when you hit it with a stick Political correctiveness is such a sham, it's makin' me sick Sometimes I gotta ask myself why a kick in the head feels good The more they try to beat me down, the more I think it's understood that (chorus) (bridge) Opinions are like assholes, and you smell like and open sewer I lost my mind, 30 times, cause of bullshit pulled on tour It's my war, and I want it, right now (chorus) Here we go once again It's time to take my librium Spiders crawlin' up the walls Will you catch me if I fall? Round and round and round he goes Where he stops, nobody knows