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Just Not There (McKagan Duff)

"Why does everything always end up feeling so goddamn cold" Once again I woke up this morning And a warm spot still long cold gone Then smell of you and your sweet perfume Still lingers on, lingers on, lingers on Chorus I wrap my arms around you But all I get is icy cold yeah Run my hands through Your long blonde hair But once again you're just not there Just not there You know I look but just can't find the reasons To face another day Cause I feel like crawling up inside girl Just fading away, fading away, fad- ing away... Chorus That's alright, girl I want you to know that I'll keep on walking I got both my feet on the ground And check it out I'm gonna stick it to you Yesterday I met a girl just like you She had the same smile and same sweet perfume So I turned around and walked away Me, my blade and my bottle of blues My bottle of blues My bottle of blues Chorus Repeat That's alright, girl I keep walking, I keep walking, I keep walking, I keep walking, I keep walking