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Man in the Meadow (McKagan Duff)

Extra extra read all about my Loss of sanity I have often wondered what my Life really means to me Wasted days and broken dreams Let it all slip away from me And if you pick up the pieces of A broken man, you'll find a Fan of the family Yeah the family Chorus Now you're all alone In the meadow Sedate your lonely soul With the man in the meadow No need to telephone When you're out in the meadow Cause you live your life alone With the man in the meadow And me Saw a friend of mine Guess he just didn't see me Looked into his eyes And he walked right through me He lived a life of alibies and Broken ties that set him free yeah free, yeah free And why'd this dream fade so Fast And why am I lookin' towards The past to set me free From me and my family My family yeah yeah Set down beside your grave At peace with God and the holy Slave We're gathered here to shed A tear And think about our goddamn mortal Years You had your start You made your mark And then you turn around And leave us in the dark, fuck In the dark Chorus