Punk Rock Song (McKagan Duff)

Hate/Pain/Greed/Suc-cess/Ooh You got somethin' to say to me Well say it to my face I'm so sick of society That says I'm out of place I come around, you run and Hide, pretend you don't know me The time will come, you'll pay The price, just wait and See You try to cramp my style, When that word means nothin' To me Just go away, you're fuckin' Decay And you thought you had the Right to kick dirt at me? And now I got a great big House and my dick' real hard Was that your daughter with blonde hair, I think I got her pink panties man, send her back over You let life mean nothing man Worth of status went too far All this shit you see, never Meant dick to me I saw the news, I've read the Lines I've seen it for myself Now you're the ones I clearly see That really need some help So now you ask me to join your Club of upper society You twist shit up, you turn around You think you're the picture of morality