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Swamp Song (McKagan Duff)

I don't really need the ego Of being a pop star Playing rock & roll makes Me stand hard & tall Once an old man with blood on his hands Said "Pick up my guitar and use it" The he took it from me said "Let Your soul run free" Chorus People get so stuck on getting their Name in lights Fuckin' some famous model Keepin' their assholes tight So I played that guitar Til my dick got hard I fucked that bitch night & day Time went by and that old man died Got a note "Remember what I said" Brought flowers to his grave Laid 'em down, and my fingers Started to bleed I was finally free I was finally free yeah Chorus Uh uh uh Don't get me wrong I ain't singin' This song bout bros who truly deserve it But money & fame is for those truly Lame. The ones who need to get their Heads lit So I play my guitar, Yeah I played that bitch all night Long Yeah I played my guitar I was finally free Chorus-Bridge So keep your head clear don't believe what you hear Just play what comes from your soul But if money & fame is your fuckin' game Then I hope you die fat & old Repeat