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Then And Now (McKagan Duff)

When I first saw you baby, yeah you were gone, So far gone The scene was set for armageddon, and your grip on me was strong (Chorus) If you saw me yesterday, you wouldn't recognize my face If you saw me yesterday, yeah you might've ran away Sister uptown, you're a metaphor for all lifes grief and pain Brother downtown, such a devil, make a snake out of any man (Chorus) (bridge) Don't feel like crawlin' out of my cage I used to say, Another lame song and dance about a thing from my past, I hope it's not boring you In the end I lost a few friends But I got up and I ran away Drugs party in 526 is where I got my kicks But where are they today? Dead and gone, the damage is done, I got nothin' else to say (Chorus)