My Dear (Toxique)

Your love is like a fire my love is like a cigarette You light up my bitter live and I was satisfiend Fever is all around us I hope our love will never end Never, because I love you and I will love you till I die So many nights so many mornings So many smiles, end without no warning We were too young You wanted more I felt drunk Who’s at fault? Hey Babe come and listen to me Just for a while I don’t want to see you again for the rest of my life There’s a sentence on my mind I would like to spell Well my dear please go to hell Oh I feel so lonely since‘ve you left me boy But I hate you for what you‘ve done, it left me no joy If I meet you again I’ll kick you in the ass Oh, that feelin‘ what I feel, that’s not happiness Ain’t no mountain high enaugh Ain’t no river so deep We were together and now I’m alone You broke my heard you wantend more I felt drunk Who‘s at fault?