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The Right Man (Toxique)

Don’t park here on my street baby You might think it, but I’m not crazy Don’t want you to play games with me I know how evil you can be Hey girls, all guys think that we are so stupid Boys thik they can fool us and than ust do it What we need is just carryin‘ and lovin‘and talkin‘ and walkin‘ We want a strong man, brave man and proud man Yeah, that’s right! Don’t walk around my house baby You can’t help me you’re so lazy Stop wearing this worn-out T-shirt Stop looking under my short skirt Why‘s it so hard to find a right man Boy from my dreams Why‘s it so hard to find a bright man Boy from my dreams Why‘s it so hard to find a real man Why‘s it so heard Don’t burst into my room baby You might think it but I’m not crazy Hey, stop using that awful parfum I hate you singing out of tune (chorus)