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Caution (Teedra Moses)

[Verse 1] Oh I I see what I'm dealing with See u U don't understand my gangsta When I See somthing I want then I just take and make it mine (all mine) I likc my lips and then just think how sweet it is to be me So to date me must be hot Well if you gon keep hanging round U gone have to figure out Cause there [Chorus] Ain't no defense When I'm calling Red hot scowling And I'm calling 4 u.. what else can u do [Verse 2] Oh I I don't think you realize That u U don't even have a chance When I Spit my G @ u I bet u won't know how 2 act (act) it's that bad (act) I lick my lips and then I think about how sweet my touch is baby So to feel me must be hot (hot) So if you didn't know you know now exactly how it's going down [Chorus] [Bridge] See u don't understand the woman that I am (the lover best friend all u need) and even if you did could you handle it (all of the love I give so good) [Chorus]