I Think Of You (Shirley's Song) (Teedra Moses)

I don't have many words to say It's been over a year since you left that day I'm trying to be everything you said I could and would be This little world we live in is plagued with fear Try to find a guy like you said I should when you were here (chorus) I think of you and... Somehow problems they don't seem so hard It's all you endured in your life, you are... And if I cried a million times you must have died a million times from the pain (oh) Mama I miss you, but I know you made it whole again (I,I,Oh,oooh,Oh) This one's for you girl (I,I,Oh,oooh,Oh) My little Shirley girl (I,I,Oh,oooh,Oh) Oh I miss you (I,I,Oh,oooh,Oh) And I want you all to know that I'm trying To every one here in my heart, I'm trying And I could never regret you, sweet baby yes It's so hard trying to raise a boy to a man (ooh oh) I think of you and... Somehow I can make it through another day Cause I want the best for your life And If I tried a million times I couldn't find a love closer to get (oh) Mama's little angels You're the reason why.. (I,I,Oh,oooh,Oh) This one's for you boy (I,I,Oh,oooh,Oh) My little angel (I,I,Oh,oooh,Oh) My savior