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Rescue Me (Teedra Moses)

[Verse 1:] This poor heart of mine Still feel I can find A love to call my own I gave him good love Made him feel like a man Now I need someone new And I want someone like you [Chorus:] He will (Come and) Rescue me I know one day he'll come for me He will (Come and) Save me And i'm waiting and I'm waiting [Verse 2:] He aint gotta be no gansta (gansta) He aint gotta be no balla (balla) Cause baby if we strugglin I'll ride with you until we rise Me for you and You for me A simple kind of love life I've always dreamed of [Repeat Chorus] [Hook: Repeat 2x] Want someone to come into my life and truly rescue me From the pain that a love selfishly has left with me I need lovin I need love if nothin else Baby if your out there holla back Oooooohhhhhoooooo [Chorus:] He will (he will come and) Rescue me (rescue me) I know one day he'll come for me He will (baby I'm waiting, waiting for you) Save me (save me) [Repeat hook till end]