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You (Shanell)

You leave no DNA on the scene It's six in the morning get up You got to get out You you you What who me You you you You you Huh what who me You Now that your up Put your clothes on before he finds out Don't put your stuff on baby slow down Before he finds out Oh I do want you baby But right now he might find out Hold on you staying put all my belonging in a bag Well give me 50 dollars for my cab fair It's obvious there's been a change of plans so yea Hand me my boxers from the nightstand right there Please let me get all my things My phone my chain my watch my rings Make sure that your sink is clean No magnum rappers at all hold up you got a call Boy you need to get your things you gotta leave quick This nigga on the way and he gone have a fit If he catch you in here alone with me like this What I gone say that I slept on ya dick So go hurry out the back door you know the deal Why you trying act slow I'm bout to cut my phone off If I don't answer your call holla atchu tomorrow You you you you you You you you you you