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Club Situation (Gravy Train)

Sex club situation, it's my weeknight occupation At an undisclosed location, I'll fill you in like an application That's why I'm so obsessed, I'm obsessed with ya, uh-huh And you can do what you wanna do (in living color) Cuz nobody's gonna wanna stop you (no not your mother) You got a little something stuck in your shoe (it's what you paid for) But you're nasty so what else is new? (I'll be your neighbor) That's why I'm so impressed, I'm impressed by ya, uh-huh And you can do that dance you learned in community college last year I think it was called Haitian When you're in a club situation And ev'ry time you're there your feet up in the air because you keep on feeling that fascination When you're in a club situation Dance club situation A super physical education So get over that moral fixation And indulge in some undulation! That's why I wanna dance I wanna dance with ya, uh huh Well it's the only to unwind (but it's a livin) After duelin' with the daily grind (all is forgiven) And at Laney you might get so behind (but what's the difference) Cuz the sweat'll make you lose your mind (I'll be your witness) That's why I'll take a chance I'll take a chance on ya, uh huh And you can blackout drunk your keys stuck in the trunk but you will learn it's all about relation when you're in a club situation And your hair's on fire but dontcha get tired let loose and let yourself feel the sensation, when you're in a club situation Jonny Makeup across the nation, I think we've found ourselves in a situation Colloboration, Danish sensation I think we're livin' in times of stimulation Pass the Crisco, meet me at the disco we'll get down and out just like in San Francisco I'm going bonkers, I'm lost in Yonkers the queens are droppin' chocolate like they're Willy Wonkers!