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Ghost Boobs (Gravy Train)

Gazoyngas a plenty! Back pains she had many! For such knockers hooters funbags boys were not even ready She could hold your beer! Without hands she could steer! Smack a grown man in the face so hard he's shed a few tears! GHOST BOOBS OH YOU HARDLY KNEW ME GHOST BOOBS OOH WE HARDLY KNEW YE It was a fad diet! She had to try it! Chrissy Snow looked pretty hot, so Thighmaster? Just buy it! A paid membership at the bulldyke gym 'cause her boyfriend liked Sue Powter so why not impress him? What she didn't foresee was that her big'uns would flee Her thighs and gut both stayed the same but she could now see her knees Her boyfriend he did weep! He thought her twiddles would keep But they didn't know that they would come back in her sleep!