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Gutter Butter (Gravy Train)

Stop the press! I'm so obsessed! Gotta get this shit right off my chest before I stain my dress So Detroit! We hit you, New Orleans! We hit you Chicago we hit you but Oky there was somethin' with you A sleaze assault! A chonky geez assault! Baby please don't halt 'cause this one wasn't my fault I'm such a little ham I love a fool with a camera But his game was a sham, I grabbed my ho from Alabama: We take the stage, ready to rage Movin' Oklahoma to the next ice age There's a problem in the room and it's obvious as ho There's a graying gnarlz man whose ass has gotta go He's a tyranna chonky honky monky oldy balding chalky ponky scrawny hawnay punkay hairay fuckay lameay trollay 'cause he's a freak, girl Such a freak, girl Yes a freak, girl Back in Oakland nothin' better than some sloppy bed wetters Makin' out while chewin' cheeto cheddar, such go-getters But my ho from St. Louie by the name of Julie Julie Droppin' lines on your head quotin' what one bitch said: I got some jujubes up in my cavities It's you I'm gonna please, put your stomach at ease With my treats, my beats, my big fat rhymes Give you big fat thighs with the grub I supply from my teeth, girl, from my teeth Heard what she say, nothin' wrong with Frito Lay He had his heydey way back in Santa Ana And Austin, remember- And Portland, remember Madison remember when we went on that bender baby We were on fire, Hunx turned into a liar Funx blew Chunx and got higher, hope Drunx never retires And OOOH! 'Bout to lick some of that shit Up the slit baby, from all sides, baby 'cause we're freaks, girl We're such freaks, girl Yes we're freaks, girl