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Heart Attack (Gravy Train)

i came here to tell you my loinz have been shakin' my hips are gyratin', my hitachi's vibratin' when i think about steaksauce from shoulders to fingers leave it on till it lingers like top 40 pop singers lick some beans off my thigh, i'll shoot my load in your eye you should savor the taste of my sweet poonanny pie i carry it around with me in a bag that says versace along with my hitachi and some soy or teriyaki need some salt with that thing! a cock with no custard like ketchup with no mustard (tight assholes make me flustered!) bitches shittin' ma dickin' ma hittin' and bewitchin' ma don't need a phd to know that you've been forfeitin' ma i need a ass with these fries...and some big-ass lips would be nice!!!! heartattack heartattack i had a dream last night that i tried to take a bite of 40 steaks lined up in a tantalizing line i woke up in a cold sweat, my silk sheets were soakin' wet thought about goin' to sleep, but then my pussy i pet! with raging thoughts of burger pattties, burger fucking leather daddies smoking fatties ratty catties thigh spreading apparati my voice crax when i see greasy hands approaching me i sniff your fingers one by one to find out what seasoning you been lickin' off yo plate before tryna pop this coochie musical youth passin' the dutchie, your palms cold like toffuti cutie thank you baby, for suckin' me off my fucking cunt is your trough now shut up , turn your head and cough i love the way you treat me, now chew swallow and eat me heartattack heartattack i'm cookin' crack on the stove to knock out my frontal lobe and get my mind off the perversion that's makin' my eyes roam to bagz of fast food instead of well endowed dudes tryna cop cool attitutes, git my fat ass in the nude bitches tell me that i might die 'cause everything i eat is f-fried but all i want is some french fries and some of that hot apple pie.