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Titties Bounce (Gravy Train)

We wore the little pleated skirts and hiked them up to show our goods Nuns beat hoes up with rulers as in line for cigarettes we stood In sweater vests we learned to stay chaste and 'bout 'macculate conception While at recess we read Hustler, compared means of contra. More, more! After kneelin' on the church floor Sore, sore! After kickin' down the choir door Tore, tore! Up the holy fucking sacrament Whore, whore! Gravy Train's the living testament Priests wanted to buy Funky cars but she said HELL NO Nuns asked to cruise around in bars, Drunky said HELL NO Altar boys followed Hunky 'round but he said HELL NO The pope tried buying me a town but I said HELL NO Lemme see those titties bounce!