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Murder Frenzy (Quarashi)

I feel the darkness coming over me Feel me falling into scary places, such a sight to see I'm breakin out of my mental cages - nothing else can hold me Even the pills the doctors gave me have the slightest control over me I've got those thoughts again, the ones they said were dangerous Scratching through my flesh, I cry and put up another plan for us I'm getting out of here, it's time to get a move on Time to break the bottle, let me out, it's time to get my groove on Yeah yeah we get the groove on See you can never stop us We're top-notch, Rated R Veterans and what not Don't get the rules fuck up when you're engaged kid Make them vaporize & dissapear without a trace Shit, you don't wanna see me let the beast out the cage You're lonely rages inside and the night's bigger than Jason's So take your friends to a cottage on a silent hill You can go psychotic it's just you & your violent kills Here they come again, the demons in my mind I scream & shout my lungs out that the people passing by Go on, get out of here, you don't know what you're dealing with I will crush your soul & tear you up, you mother fucking piece of shit! But they don't listen & it's out of my hands Cause I have no say to what I do the demon demands You are the lucky one, the other one I've chosen Now you leave this earth in torment, your boddy battered up and broken Crack their skull open, see the pavement drenching in BLOOD And Leave a fucken mess for the forensics team Can't you sense it I'm contempted to satisfy Everytime we take a life & end it, I grow inside I can't help it, I was told to master genocide Take these precious people to my car, take em for a ride Hiding in the darkness, drowning at my own scream I pray to God that one day that I'll wake up from this death dream Kill Frenzy (4x)