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Punk (Quarashi)

Get up, Get up (7x) Check it, I load up my clip with my lyrical ammunition. As I cross the long partition that I rival with submission. As I break it down, why get psychological? When you're making something where the odds are astronomical. Claiming you're the best, step aside, take a rest. I show you a little sample and I'll put you to the test. Cause you're zero, nobody, never made a cut (cut). Never made it sold, yet the women shake their butt. Never heard your lyrics been thrown in the mix. Your flow might be good, but your ego needs a fix punk. But your ego needs a fix punk (4x) I get 'em up, get the fuck up. Jump like a nut and scream that you're fucked up. The no-name is back 'cause he never ever left. So brilliant, so good get a tit before a tat. When I'm clean as the light, then I'll clean up my life. I lay on the bed and it cuts like knife. But I swear if I could (didn't). But it never would be stopped. Coming again and coming again to get your love that I bought. I am your boy and I can make time fly. I am your guy and I'm always get (gon) get by. Take two when I'm you, and waiting for the Quarashi game to get beaten. But your ego needs a fix punk (4x) First I came solo, but now I got a team. It's the four man crew. But your ego needs a fix punk (4x) Yo Stoney flex is on the mic and doing damage. And your mom jump and jack her fast and get some mayonnaise. It doesn't matter how I ever been I don't get back but I put it in. The more I give the less. Don't wanna feel the stress. Don't want to be seen before I, I better lean it. It's like another I've touched before. But this town and now I'm gone.