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Race City (Quarashi)

Trace my path in small paces break it down to you gently. Saw these old and new faces appear to me so evidently. And all this while people ignored me from 5 minutes of glory. To end of story didn't feel me nor cared much for me. Please this ain't no charity I've been around for ages. And since I got a record deal I've seen some strange faces. So think twice before you act wise and approach me. Like I needed advice and you're the right one to coach me. 'Cause I thought none of ya'll like me that's what I heard. I got nine words you do not wanna step into my turf. Somebody's trying to steal my record it's like a heist man. I didn't even there were so many rappers in Iceland. That's right man I some across some stupid people kid. You think I'm on drugs 'cause something's boosting my ego big. Swing a verbal sledge hammer spit five fully loaded. The frowning on my face is from the clowning you promoted. Stay humble and prepared little kid ready to rumble. Never scared rest of you quiver to a dare then you crumble. 'Cause yeah I heard your rapping kid and I don't like the sound of it. You best to take your flapping tongue and bite down on it. (2x) (Huh!) I never trusted you ever you all suck! (Huh!) You saw my hatred I'm bringing it all back! I don't wander distorted turn the other cheek and just grudge. I'll put you in order and drown your grin in the mud. And I don't quit while winning I'll give you twice the amount. And the shit you deposit when you open up my account. So