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She's On Fire (Matt White)

The morning it comes, all night long I see the next one goin', over my throne It's on, come undone It's my first time baby, so take it slow Don't get me on overload again You see that's a thrill And I know that you can't, take it no more, yeah And when my necks explodes, yeah, she's on fire All night long, been waitin' here For you to get home from, wherever you gone to again I said it says Come back baby come back real fast It is my first time goin' on this pass, again I realize it's a sin So don't look at me baby, nice and slow Cause when my head gets burnin', it's on overload, yeah And I know that you don't, wanna know And when my head gets goin', she's on fire Fire, fire She's on fire, fire Can you get higher? Ohh She's on fire Baby take your time, she's on fire And when I need, to know, she's on fire And when I need to know, yeah, she's on fire She's on fire, she's on fire, she's on fire