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A Heroe's Welcome (Heathen)

There's a time for every season With a cure comes new disease Bloodshed and suppression, pain and suffering There's a necessary evil And the brave will heed the call The bugler calls the line as the generals keep the score In this world that we live in There is war and tyranny Chaos and confusion, divided: Who are we? There is peace as well as freedom But they both come with a price Will we ever understand what it means to sacrifice? They are not in it for the treasure And not there for the fame Their aim is for the glory And the battle is the game They proudly wear their badge of courage A living tribute to the clash Some of them come seeking vengeance Some fight for the flag, for their God and the land Victory fools us into thinking About what we lost and what we've won When death was upon us Did we do the things that had to be done? They travel by land, by air or by sea Where ever the fight may be Willingly lay down their lives to preserve The land of the brave and the free The home of the brave and the land of the free The home of the soldiers who fought to keep us free This song is dedicated to the fallen, wounded and the scarred Their truth is neverending and sacrifice always hard We honor and pay tribute to all who have served their country well May you all find peace apart from this living hell