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Pinchgut (The Rumjacks)

If I buy you a drink will you leave me alone? I’m a bug-eyed young stranger ‘round here, I’ll tell ye nowt ye don’t already know, And my brogues too thick for your ear. See I landed this mornin’ unwashed and unfed, Yer man thought I were Greek, wouldn’t give me a bed, And I’ve walked all o’ Sydney wi’ a heart of pure lead, And a half a warm bottle of beer. Tho my room lay as quiet as the old guns o’ Pinchgut, My heart beats a lonesome & steady tattoo, For a smile that I met on the boat frae Southampton, Oh Christ! What am I gonnae do? D’ye know I’m a full qualified engineer? Tho the paper I’ve got’s no good to me here, We built the damned ships that brought you all here, All we’re good for is digging a hole! Oh your frosty old evening commands me respect, And your sun locks its jaws on the back of me neck, As I pocket me pride & line up for a cheque, Oh Christ! What am I gonnae do? Oh Christ! what am I gonnae do? If you buy me a drink, I’ll leave you alone, I’ve talked your damned ears off, its time you were home, Spare me the floorboards, I’ll dig you a hole, Big enough to swallow the moon.