God Save The Queen (Give Up The Ghost)

I ran through Storm stained city streets Paved with pain To bring these roses to you And with sore throat insecurity You pulled the thorns From my bleeding side There were winter days Spent in,sulking, side Try to heat cold sheets Hide allergy eyes I'm now hanging out with destiny And begging it to get the best of me What else can I do? Why do you read me Like no one else? Used to live headaches Now they're somewhere else We are handguns, angel, Waiting to explode We've lived cold lives But now we know The sun may hide But the night is always there So don't anticipate It's not worth the wait What did you expect? Status report, I've called it a day There's a world of people Different than me Status report: I've lost my voice Trying to be heard over this noise Die young, or live forever? I'm just trying to get through the night See there's this voice Dragging me down Die young, or live forever? I'm just trying to refined my heart It was always there Just hard to see in the dark You weren't even looking Sleeping like there's no tomorrow Sleeping like there's no tomorrow