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After Winter (Kirlian Camera)

See this place after winter while wind is blowing softly and another night has gone with no sleep and neither noise. "Sisters" are burning in Hell, "brothers" maybe are doing it too. Wrapped in fire or lost with angels till those lies will become truth. Burn and burn my little bed, you should understand my opinion, after all I'm wasting time talking with some hidden idiot. Burn and burn dear useless voice losing you is the best choice, no more lies to say any longer, just some shit to die for. When that Light's vast sea is coming to kiss my head once again, an involuntary dream is getting closer for a while with its warm blue hands of sorrow and draws the past of a blind crowd, when a future made of playing shades appears among the rays. Our lives "dance around fires" that somebody needs to light thinking life is just a star made for boring bunnies' shouts. Time for hearing fairy tales time to thank for all this fun, all the teddy bears are buying brand new tickets to the sun.